How to Achieve #Success Through People

How to Achieve #Success Through People

Your people are your biggest asset. People service your customers, solve problems, and help drive innovation.  Happy people → happy customers = increased growth. That’s achieving success through people!

So how do you achieve success through people?

Make sure leaders lead: 

Leaders who are most successful don’t make it about them – they make it about their people. Good leaders integrate each individual’s expertise and strengths and leverage differences to create a high performing organization. When leaders consider the needs of their people, they are more likely to drive high productivity and increase success. Embracing diversity, focusing on developing and engaging your people, and maintaining a willingness to learn are all traits of good leadership.

Be ready for change: 

Change is inevitable. Change comes whether you want it to or not and often unexpectedly. New business initiatives, new technology, new processes and procedures, leadership changes – all require new behaviors and ways of doing things. Being ready for change requires your organization – and your people – be agile and responsive. This can help increase and accelerate acceptance of change. The more you can prepare for and embrace change the faster you are likely to adapt. Organizational change is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it has to be painful or costly.

Know your direction:

Your strategy determines your direction. Your strategy informs who you want to be and charts the course for how you are going to get there. Your processes define how work gets done to move you in that direction. Not only should you know the strategy and have clearly defined processes – but your people should know those as well. Be sure to articulate your strategy and processes to the team – from leadership to the interns – and customers as appropriate. If people don’t know where they are going and how – it’s awfully hard to get there.

Keep your projects and programs moving:

70% of IT projects fail. Why? Failure of a process for execution and failure for planning for and managing change. Consider a sound framework for managing your projects. Don’t ignore risks – address them. Be sure to account for change management and develop and implement a clear communications strategy.. Develop a clear governance structure for decision making and make sure those participating provide support to manage the people side of any changes caused as a result of the project or program.

Don’t forget – ~70% of people are unhappy at work. When people are unhappy – they don’t give 100%. This reduced productivity and engagement leads to negative impacts on profit and growth.

To achieve success through people it’s important to keep your employees happy. Show your people they are your #1 asset – that you consider them more than just cogs and drones. When you make an effort for your people – they’ll make an effort for your business. Win/win!

About Scott Span, MSOD: is CEO & Lead Consultant of Tolero Solutions – an Organizational Improvement & Strategy firm.  He helps clients in achieving success through people, creating organizations that are more responsive, productive and profitable. Organizations where people enjoy working and customers enjoy doing business. 

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