The 5 most annoying co-workers (told in MEMEs)

The 5 most annoying co-workers (told in MEMEs)

Every office has them.  Those annoying co-workers that do things that drive you insane.  These behaviors are productivity drains – meaning…they waste time throughout the day you could be working because you need to pause and likely complain to your friends and co-workers about said behaviors.

These annoying co-workers do these annoying things for different reasons – some personal and some work related – like they hate their job.

Today – we’re going to tell you about 5 of the most annoying co-worker behaviors that exist in the workplace.

Fridge Raiders!


Ah, yes!  The one who eats others’ food.  This ain’t your fridge at home.  So unless you brought it with you to work, or have been expressly given the A-0k to eat something, then don’t!  It’s safe to say…STOP IT! And speaking of the fridge, toss your food before it smells, and please don’t burn popcorn.

The Gossiper!


Every office has 1 co-worker with a really big mouth.  And I mean a really big mouth.  That one who not only digs for dirt but then goes and tells everyone all about it.  In “private”, of course.  When someone tells you that something is a secret (and not to tell anyone) – then it’s gossip.  Don’t tell them anything!! Also, don’t be afraid to put in your headphones and send them on their merry way.

The Loud Talker!

2014officespace3 cant-hear-thoughts

Some people can’t distinguish between their inside and outside voice.  Ironically I am married to one and related to a few. But you know who I am talking about – talks so loud on the phone people on the other side of the office can hear you? Most of the time not even talking about work. Yes – I’m sure your conversation is fascinating.  But quiet down a bit and show a little respect for those of us trying to be productive.

You’re soooo busy!


They’re so busy they don’t actually get any work done.  But they’re busy doing stuff.  We don’t quite know what. Posting to social media? Shopping?  Job hunting? Probably commenting on everyone else’s job and how theirs should be done.  But not their own.

The know-it-all!


This one is the most annoying.  They know everything.  And I mean everything.  They’re so much better at your job, that not only will they tell you they’re better, but they’ll likely tell your boss, too.  Assuming if your boss knows they’re a know-it-all, they probably find them annoying, too. Dare they focus on their own work…wow…what a concept.

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