Hey @Marriott – 7 Things to Learn From @United Merger Mistakes. #MarriottStarwood

Hey @Marriott,

Congratulations – you’re about to become the world’s largest hotel company.  But did you know that 83% of mergers and acquisitions have failed to boost shareholder returns – according to a KPMG study?

Recently United Continental Holding’s CEO – a month before he suffered a heart attack – apologized for the handling of the merger between […]

#Leaders – How to Stop Perpetuating a Toxic #Culture

Negative leaders can mean negative culture…don’t be like Eeyore!

Is your work culture negative, depressing, and gloomy? Have you had the feeling others may feel that way? If you’re a leader within your organization – look no further than the closest mirror.  Because you could be perpetuating a toxic culture.

I call it the Eeyore affect. I’ve […]

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7 Factors That Make or Break #Mergers & #Acquisitions

This week Oscar Munoz, United Continental Holdings’ new CEO, will meet with labor leaders to reach new deals with the airlines’ flight attendants and mechanics – given they’re still under agreements set by the airlines predecessors.  This summit will take place 5-years after the merger between United and Continental Airlines.

Yes…5-years after the merger of 2 […]

Why are 65% of Employees Actively Looking for a New Job?

That is not a typo.

We asked our customers and our readers 3 questions:

Do you hate your job?
If so – why?
And are you looking for a new job?

65% of respondents said they were actively looking for a new job.  
The average cost to replace each employee is 1.5 times their annual salary.  Take 65% of your […]

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#workwoes 9-9-15: which presidential candidate is best leader, Q4 is approaching, & how can a team bounce back after failure

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What #HillaryClinton Can (and shouldn’t) Teach You About #Communication

Full disclosure – there is absolutely no political agenda here.  This is not about the right vs the left or which candidate is best – it’s about communication.  

Or lack thereof in this case…

Every day on the news you hear the words “emails” and “private servers” when associated with Hillary Clinton.  The reason why you’re […]

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How High Leadership Turnover Can Kill (And How to Prevent it)

A few months ago Amtrak faced the worst train accident to ever hit the northeast corridor. Though still under NTSB investigation – it is likely that no one single issue caused the crash. It was a sequence of events that lead to the Amtrak disaster – and not all of them occurred onboard the train […]

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Are You a #Workplace #Superhero?

When someone thinks of a superhero – they typically think of capes and super human powers. But by definition – it also refers to an exceptionally skillful or successful person.

Ok – so you may not go to work wearing a cape. However – you are up against changes and challenges every single day. You are […]

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Is Your #Leadership Communication Style Frustrating Employees?

In the sage words of  Gary Coleman  – what you talking about Willis?

Communication in the #workplace can be frustrating. This is often the case when communicating with leadership. Sometimes it’s like your boss speaks in a completely different language. Sometimes it feels like you’re on a different planet than your leadership. Communication styles in the […]

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How to Achieve #Success Through People

Your people are your biggest asset. People service your customers, solve problems, and help drive innovation.  Happy people → happy customers = increased growth. That’s achieving success through people!

So how do you achieve success through people?
Make sure leaders lead: 

Leaders who are most successful don’t make it about them – they make it about their people. Good […]

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