Why the GOP has a bigly credibility problem. Sad!

Speaker Paul Ryan’s healthcare bill crashed and burned last week. There is more to the story than the simple failure to pass a bill in the house – where the Republicans hold a majority 237 seats – yet needed only 217 votes to pass the bill.

The GOP spent more than 6-years trying to repeal the […]

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Does being a CEO mean you can be the Commander in Chief?

Well, Donald Trump is about to find out! Brace for impact America – you’re in for a bumpy ride.
Achieving the leadership status and title of the Commander in Chief – President of the United States of America – is the highest appointed leadership position one could achieve.  Sure – being a CEO is also a […]

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5 Tips to Manage Change Successfully

The fact is…change is hard.  Very hard.  Anyone who has ever been through change, personally or professionally, will most likely agree. And it’s not something you can exactly check off your list…like tasks on a project plan.

New business initiatives, new technology, new processes and procedures, leadership changes – all require new behaviors and ways of […]

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Why You Should Adopt an Agile Project Management Methodology

The word ‘agile’ has been a buzz word for some time now. Agile – by definition – is the ability to move quickly and easily. Agile from a project management perspective is typically used within technology projects; however, other types of projects are beginning to adopt the agile project management methodology to improve the successful […]

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#BusinessTip: Change Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Change is hard.  It’s why I talk about it a lot on the blog here.  Here.  Here.  And here.  Oh, and here, too. I talk about it a lot because how you plan for and navigate change impacts whether you will succeed or fail.

All too often leaders believe a lot of myths about change management.  One myth being […]

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#TuesdayTip: Are You Faking Change?

Change is hard.  It’s why I talk about it a lot on the blog here.  Here.  Here.  And here.  Oh, and here, too. I talk about it a lot because how you navigate change impacts whether you will succeed or fail.

All too often leaders fake change.  They pay it lip service and don’t take the proper initiatives […]

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How do You Set Goals for Success in 2016?

2016 is officially underway! What’s your path to success in the New Year? Do you know how to set goals for success?

The topic of goals and objectives arises frequently this time of year. Many organizations (and individuals) are updating their strategies and creating new goals for the New Year.  Have you?
“Goals allow you to control the direction […]

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Dear Cleveland @Browns owner, Jimmy Haslam – how will the #Browns make the Superbowl?

Dear Jimmy Haslam:

First – I am not a disgruntled fan from Cleveland. I’m a Philly sports fan.  Which, by default, makes me disgruntled – period –  by some standards.  

Yes, I’m a sports fan. I’m also a change agent.  I help organizations with change management  and strategy for a living.  So I know a thing or two […]

Innovation Means Nothing Without Great Customer Service

Excellent customer is king!

I’m an avid cruiser. I’m also a brand loyalist – or at least I was. I’ve been on 9 Royal Caribbean cruises.  Maybe it’s 10. I don’t know?!  I’ve lost track somewhere between a margarita and the pool deck. 

So when I stepped foot onboard Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas a few […]

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10 Things YOU Do That Sabotage Successful Change

Do you know what one of the biggest obstacles is to managing and implementing successful change within your organization?
Yes, I’m talking to you. One of the people in charge.  The leader. The “Sponsor” or “Champion.”

Organization change is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it has to be painful or costly.  The fact is…change is […]