How High Leadership Turnover Can Kill (And How to Prevent it)

A few months ago Amtrak faced the worst train accident to ever hit the northeast corridor. Though still under NTSB investigation – it is likely that no one single issue caused the crash. It was a sequence of events that lead to the Amtrak disaster – and not all of them occurred onboard the train […]

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Are You a #Workplace #Superhero?

When someone thinks of a superhero – they typically think of capes and super human powers. But by definition – it also refers to an exceptionally skillful or successful person.

Ok – so you may not go to work wearing a cape. However – you are up against changes and challenges every single day. You are […]

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Is Your #Leadership Communication Style Frustrating Employees?

In the sage words of  Gary Coleman  – what you talking about Willis?

Communication in the #workplace can be frustrating. This is often the case when communicating with leadership. Sometimes it’s like your boss speaks in a completely different language. Sometimes it feels like you’re on a different planet than your leadership. Communication styles in the […]

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How to Achieve #Success Through People

Your people are your biggest asset. People service your customers, solve problems, and help drive innovation.  Happy people → happy customers = increased growth. That’s achieving success through people!

So how do you achieve success through people?
Make sure leaders lead: 

Leaders who are most successful don’t make it about them – they make it about their people. Good […]

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5 Truths About Leadership

As an Organizational Development (OD) and Leadership practitioner, I often find myself having conversations about leadership – what it is and what it isn’t – and how to be a good leader.  It’s time for some truths.
So what are some hard truths about leadership?

It ain’t easy – Anyone who has ever been in a leadership role knows […]

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Are You the Workplace Bully?

The phrase workplace bully holds many meanings and comes in many forms.

Just about every office has one – that person who makes life around the office challenging, toxic, or even downright frustrating. Sometimes it’s not even on purpose.

Workplace bullies are distracting – they derail performance and can impact the organization’s ability to deliver on its […]

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3 Ways to Prevent Poor Customer Service

What’s the true cost of poor customer service? If you’re looking for some equation to help determine how much you’re losing by poor customer service – good luck.  In fact – if anyone spouts out a magic equation that gives you the answer to how much you’re losing via negative impacts of poor customer – I […]

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10 Truths About Change Management

As an Organizational Development (OD) and Change Management practitioner, I often find myself having conversations with leaders regarding change management – what it is and what it isn’t. Last week I wrote about 10 change management myths. This week it’s time for some truths.
So what are some hard truths about change management?

Change is hard – […]

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5 Lessons to Help Your Business #LiveLongAndProsper

…boldly go where no one has gone before.
Leonard Nimoy passed away last week. He was known famously as Spock by many adoring Star Trek fans – me included. Yes, I profess to being a Trekkie. Spock was a Vulcan, and as such, espoused logic and wisdom.

He was non-emotional.  The anti-human (or so he liked to think).  […]

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10 Myths About Change Management

As an Organizational Development (OD) and Change Management practitioner, I often find myself having conversations with leaders where I need to address change management myths. Many leadership concerns regarding change management are common issues, though, many are perpetuated by myths.
So what are some of the biggest myths about change management?

Change is easy – No, it’s […]

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