Why the GOP has a bigly credibility problem. Sad!

Speaker Paul Ryan’s healthcare bill crashed and burned last week. There is more to the story than the simple failure to pass a bill in the house – where the Republicans hold a majority 237 seats – yet needed only 217 votes to pass the bill.

The GOP spent more than 6-years trying to repeal the […]

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Clearly Uber CEO Travis Kalanick hasn’t grown up yet.

It’s been a rough few months for Uber.

After it surfaced that Uber CEO Travis Kalanick argued with an Uber driver over falling fares – resulting in Kalanick apologizing for his behavior and saying he needs to grow up – the following happened:

Engineering executive – Amit Singhal – was asked to resign due to sexual […]

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Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s Apology Means Nothing Without Action

Uber’s CEO – Travis Kalanick – apologized via the company’s blog for his conduct while arguing with an Uber driver last February. The encounter captured by dashcam shows the CEO in a heated debate with Uber driver Fawzi Kamel over the price of fares and how that is impacting his income.  Kalanick ultimately says: “Some people don’t like […]

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5 Reasons Why Your Employees Hate Their Jobs

According to Gallup research – roughly 70% of employees are unhappy.  For those of you at home who are keeping track – that means only 3 out of every 10 employees are happy with their job.

I’m no mathematician but those are not good odds.

When your employees are unhappy – your customers are likely unhappy, too. […]

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#WMATA Why I’d Rather Sit in Traffic Than Take DC Metro

Another day, and yet another issue causing delays on WMATA’s DC Metro system.  Between April 17th and April 24th – there were 120 alerts.

This week – Metro held their first ever all managers meeting.  Let that sink in for a moment.  In the 40-year history of Metro, the managers have never once all met […]

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Do You Spend More Time in Meetings Rather Than Getting Work Done?

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Where is the #LUV (voucher) @Southwest? #CustomerExperience

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Customer (and Brand) Loyalty is Dead

And it’s not good.  In fact – it feels like it gets worse with every passing day.  

Think about it…when was the last time you received excellent customer service – you know, the kind that makes you want to keep spending your hard earned money on a business’s  products or services and singing their praises […]

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How do You Set Goals for Success in 2016?

2016 is officially underway! What’s your path to success in the New Year? Do you know how to set goals for success?

The topic of goals and objectives arises frequently this time of year. Many organizations (and individuals) are updating their strategies and creating new goals for the New Year.  Have you?
“Goals allow you to control the direction […]

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Dear Cleveland @Browns owner, Jimmy Haslam – how will the #Browns make the Superbowl?

Dear Jimmy Haslam:

First – I am not a disgruntled fan from Cleveland. I’m a Philly sports fan.  Which, by default, makes me disgruntled – period –  by some standards.  

Yes, I’m a sports fan. I’m also a change agent.  I help organizations with change management  and strategy for a living.  So I know a thing or two […]