Is Your #Leadership Communication Style Frustrating Employees?

In the sage words of  Gary Coleman  – what you talking about Willis?

Communication in the #workplace can be frustrating. This is often the case when communicating with leadership. Sometimes it’s like your boss speaks in a completely different language. Sometimes it feels like you’re on a different planet than your leadership. Communication styles in the […]

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3 Ways to Prevent Poor Customer Service

What’s the true cost of poor customer service? If you’re looking for some equation to help determine how much you’re losing by poor customer service – good luck.  In fact – if anyone spouts out a magic equation that gives you the answer to how much you’re losing via negative impacts of poor customer – I […]

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3 Reasons Why Businesses #Fail – See #TargetCanada

In case you didn’t hear – Target recently announced they’ll be ceasing operations in Canada.  What looked good on paper turned into a multi-year, multi-billion dollar loss.  This begs the question – why did Target Canada  #fail?

Look no further than the feedback from #TargetCanada employees (and customers).  Employees make or break the customer experience. Unhappy […]

3 Ways to Give and Receive Feedback

And they say breaking up is hard to do. Try asking for feedback.

Asking for feedback can be scary. What if they don’t like me? What if I don’t know what I am doing? Giving feedback can also make many uneasy. What if I say the wrong thing? What if they take it the wrong way?

There […]

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Are You The Miscommunicating Manager?

Communication. It’s the key to any successful relationship – whether personal or professional. Our communication style – how we communicate – has an impact on our success.

The ability to clearly communicate expectations and flex your communication style so that you are understood by others is a skill – and one which many don’t (or choose […]

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7 Requirements for Successful Change Leadership

Leading change isn’t easy!
“Begin with the end in mind.” – Stephen Covey
Leading change requires the right skills, attitude, and time commitment to be a change champion. Change leadership requires certain behaviors and actions. When I’m asked to help organizations lead change, I often begin with asking a set of questions. In order to lead change […]

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Customer Service #FAIL – 53% of People Say Unclear Communication Biggest Issue

Bad customer service experiences are nothing new – as annoying as they may be to live through. In fact, they’re well documented now via social media – the biggest real-time driver for communicating with customers.
53% of people said unclear communication was the biggest issue preventing them from having a good customer service experience!
The reason for […]

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3 Tips for Great Customer Service  

A dear family friend has an expression – ‘My money is no gift.’

I laugh – but it’s true.  I work hard to earn my money. That’s what makes bad customer service experiences even that much harder. I don’t just give it away. I choose to spend it on businesses that can provide me with a […]

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Lack of Trust in Leadership is the Biggest Issue Impacting Performance  – How do you Fix the Problem?

Issues that impact employee performance are nothing new.  Knowing what causes these problems is the first step to resolving them. I’ve seen and experienced many of these reasons first hand. At one point or another in your career, you’ve also likely experienced something that impacted your performance.
45% of people say lack of trust in leadership is […]

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How Poor Processes Equal Poor Customer Service

You’ve likely had a few bad customer service experiences.  Irritating is sometimes the only way to describe them.
But what you may not have considered is what lead to that  bad customer service experience.
I just had a real life bad customer service experience that reminded me why my business delivers one of our offerings to […]

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