Roughly 70% of employees are unhappy.

Every unhappy employee costs on average 1.5 their annual salary to replace. We specialize in achieving success through people by overcoming challenges that impact success.

Organizations hire Tolero Solutions for:

Project & Program Management

Our Project & Program Management solutions help keep your projects and programs moving - and on track per cost, schedule, and performance.

What we do:

We manage the associated risk and change throughout the project or program implementation. We keep your projects and programs moving – and on track per cost, schedule, and performance.

– Agile Project Management
– Strategy & Governance
– Risk Management & Operational Excellence
– Stakeholder Engagement & Communication

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Change Management

Our Change Management solutions help increase and accelerate acceptance of change.

What we do:

We know organizational problems are linked together and change in one area often impacts other areas. We help to identify root-causes to problems minimizing down time and delivering improvements for long term sustained change.

– Organization Development
– Change Management
– Organization Design
– Culture Change

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Strategy & Process

Our Strategy & Process solutions help clients to solve challenges from start to finish.

What we do:

We help you develop who you want to be and chart the course for how you are going to get there. We help clients to solve challenges from start to finish. From setting direction and developing a course of action, to communicating, executing, and evaluating.

– Strategic Planning
– Process Improvement
– Survey Design & Analysis
– Strategic Communications

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Leadership & Talent

Our Leadership & Talent solutions help you attract, retain and engage a skilled workforce.

What we do:

We provide the processes and skills to help develop each individual’s expertise and strengths and leverage differences to create a high performing workforce.

– Team Building
– Diversity & Inclusion
– Generational Differences
– Leadership Development & Coaching
– Employee Retention & Engagement
– Leadership Exit Planning & Transition

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Companies with higher employee engagement routinely enjoy at least 22% greater productivity and up to 65% lower turnover.

We help you engage your biggest asset – your human capital

People service your customers, solve problems, and help drive innovation.
Happy people  -> happy customers = increased growth.

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We work with businesses, government, and non-profits.

Regardless of what type of organization you are, or size, our proven methodologies deliver results – helping you achieve success through people.


Whether your team consists of 1 or 10,000 – we help businesses across all industries and sectors to achieve success through people – resolving operational and organizational problems that impact productivity and profit!


We understand the business of government is not the same as that of the private sector. We help you achieve success through people – resolving problems that impact productivity and performance – helping you deliver on your mission!


Whether you’re a non-profit, an association, or a charity – we help you achieve success through people – helping you serve your cause, engage your membership, drive donations, operate more efficiently and deliver on your mission!

We Love People and People Love Us.

 See what our client’s have to say about working with us.

Capital One
Capital One
Tolero Solutions provided program and project management support for an IT initiative impacting lines of business (LOBs) across the organization. Great ROI. They added additional value by building a new governance structure and change management, change control processes and risk management framework. Work needed to be performed in a tight time frame. They hit the ground running, communicating with executive leadership, and performing research and data gathering for buy-in before executing on approach.
Department of Defense (DoD)
Department of Defense (DoD)
One of the best consultants I’ve ever worked with. Should the opportunity arise, I would look forward to working with them again in the future. An instrumental part in communicating and preparing our organization for change. Attributed to improved inter-office relationships and increased our support of the strategy for moving forward.
Excelled at turning vague new concepts into a clearly defined reality… work led to significant improvements to our eventual work processes and services. Saved time and resources for our entire team…was a value add and definitely an asset to our project. Great results, good value, high integrity!