Generational Differences

Generational Differences

Tolero Solutions provides signature training on the topic, Bridging the Generation Gap: What Are “They” Thinking™. Tolero Solutions CEO & Lead Consultant, Scott Span also delivers Generational Differences Webinar, and keynotes on the topic to organizations ranging from Fortune 500 to non-profits.

Curriculum augmentation to your current in house training or generational diversity or leadership development programs.

Generational recruitment and engagement strategies utlizing our Recruitment & Retention Lifecycle™.

Enterprise Resource Groups (ERGs) planning and development

Social media multi-generational engagement polices and procedures

Training and Consulting

Generational differences and workplace diversity can cause conflict and impact performance. Welcome to the contemporary workplace populated by Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X’ers, Gen Y (and don’t forget those “cuspers”), Millennials  and now even Generation Z  , five plus generations whose radically different formative life experiences over the past 50 years have helped shape both their personal and professional values and attitudes.

Generational differences and workplace diversity are not going away – and neither are the tensions that impact performance that exist between the generations. Tolero Solutions CEO & Lead Consultant, Scott Span, is an expert on generational diversity and workplace differences.

Difficulty trying to communicate with those from other generations in your organization?

Problems with engagement and retention of employees from specific generational cohorts?

Tough time understanding why your manager or subordinate “doesn’t get it?”

At a loss as to what your “younger” employees consider acceptable workplace behavior?

Experiencing frustration when your ideas are dismissed because you “lack experience” or are considered “old school?”

Sample Work

We understand diversity and we understand culture – and the impact valuing diversity has on creating a high performance culture and a sustainable organization. Today’s generational differences uniquely challenge work relationships across generational boundaries. Understanding and bridging these boundaries is imperative to being competitive in today’s business environment.
A sample of work on the topic includes: