Tolero Solutions delivers various workshops and training to help you achieve success through people. Our workshops and training are aimed at improving employee performance and engagement and increasing organizational success. They are offered in multiple formats, both standard and customizable, to help achieve specific desired goals.

Session Title: Bridging the Generation Gap: What Are They Thinking? ™

Generational diversity in the workplace is not going away – and neither are the tensions that exist between the generations. Are you having difficulty understanding why your manager “doesn’t get it?” Do you experience frustration when your ideas are dismissed because you “lack experience or are considered “old school?” At a loss as to what your “younger” employees consider acceptable workplace behavior? Do you find yourself “rolling your eyes” or “scratching your head” when trying to communicate with those from other generations in your organization?  If issues of ageism and generational values seem to surface more frequently – and you’re feeling at a loss about how to communicate and what do about them – then this workshop is for you!

Session Title: You Don’t Just Flip the Switch – Integrating People and Technology ™

Even the best Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs) are only as good as the people that use them and the people that help the organization prepare for their implementation. Many organizations are not prepared for the multiple initiatives and actions needed for successful implementation of such technology. Getting people to use new technology requires more than just training – it requires obtaining and maintaining buy-in and support. To achieve success a new technology implementation requires strategic communication, a clearly understood strategy, strong committed leadership and a detailed change management and governance plan. Often employees resist the implementation of ERPs and other new technologies because they don’t understand why the technology is necessary or how it will help them do their jobs. They often feel overwhelmed by the processes, terminology, and technical nature of this type of change. This workshop will provide tools and information in an effort to ease these concerns and help lead to successful implementations.

You may also view our whitepaper on this topic entitled: Integrating People and Technology: Enabling your people to successfully adopt the use of new and emerging technologies.

Session Title: The Organization360 Improvement Solution

The ORG360 tool provides feedback on your business, employees and service levels to help understand and assess the effectiveness and internal health of your organization – from the perspective of all your people from the CEO to the front-line. The Organization360 research based tool is hardwired to drivers of success by measuring 3 dimensions and ten categories of performance excellence. Quickly get the insight you need to improve by discovering where your business did better and where you can improve performance.

Session Title: Where Are We Going and How Do We Get There? Conducting Strategic Planning and Executing a Successful Strategy 

A solid strategy is the cement and mortar in the foundation of any successful organization, yet many organizations don’t have a detailed and actionable strategy developed.  If they do have the strategy developed it often lacks the actionable components for success. In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, organizations are often forced to remain competitive by adapting a culture of rapid change, yet all too often the strategy is not updated to reflect these changes. Developing, updating and communicating the organizations’ strategy frequently doesn’t occur. New product and service developments, increased or decreased growth, or other external environmental factors may have led the organization to change direction and stray from the strategy. Creating and or updating a detailed strategy is often forgotten.  So why is strategic planning important? Why conduct strategic planning? What are the components of development and execution of a successful strategy?


Tolero Solutions also offers webinars on various topics – including condensed versions of many of our popular workshops! We understand how hectic life can be on a daily basis. You don’t always have hours to devote to learning new tools and information. Our webinars are designed to run 45-90 minutes in length so you can gain valuable and actionable insights in a reasonable amount of time. Of course, if you are interested in delving deeper into the information presented in our webinars, we are more than happy to discuss the information in more depth – and help cater the best possible training or consulting solutions to solve your organizational challenges.

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