Let’s face it – before most of us make an investment we do our research. At Tolero Solutions, we strive to meet our client’s goals and objectives and to achieve success through people. Don’t just take our word for it – read what some of our satisfied client’s have to say about working with the Tolero Solutions team:


Senior Manager, Global Mobility
“I worked with Scott Span of Tolero Solutions on the internal HR Global Mobility project at Accenture. If you’re looking for a skilled Project Management & Change Management consultant, with a versatile and collaborative approach, then I highly recommend Scott. I found Scott to be a resourceful and innovative problem-solver. His expertise in organization development, change management and strategy were an asset to the project. He was tasked with creating the first HR Global Mobility Blueprint for Accenture; a project that at the onset was extremely vague and involved working without much guidance. Scott excelled at turning vague new concepts into a clearly defined reality. He gathered extensive information from various sources succinctly and accurately leading to significant improvements to our eventual work processes and services. Scott clearly and concisely explained the goals of the project to the various teams and provided data on what they can do to assist and how they may be affected by future changes. Through his detailed data collection, concise analysis, and relevant recommendations we have a better overview and directed next steps for changes to Global Mobility. The work accomplished will save time and resources for our entire Global Mobility team. Tolero Solutions was a value add and definitely an asset to our project. Great results, good value, high integrity!Accenture-Logo

Capital One

Scott Span of Tolero Solutions was a valuable resource to our team. He brought helpful expertise in process analysis and program management.  He is easily approachable, collaborative and open to knowledge sharing. He excels at keeping stakeholders at all levels engaged, and working toward accomplishing  tasks, creating quality deliverables and keeping things on schedule.

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Department of Defense (DoD)

Program Operations Lead
“I worked with Scott Span of Tolero Solutions when he was hired as the Strategic Communications & Change Management Lead for the Program Management Office (PMO) of a multi-million dollar enterprise wide Department of Defense (DoD) Information Technology (IT) program. The PMO needed a resource with a unique skill set that had experience and familiarity with DoD and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and possessed expertise in leading and managing strategic communications and change management involving multiple stakeholders. Mr. Span’s level of expertise was ideal for communicating our strategy for change management throughout our community. He played an instrumental part in communicating and preparing our community for the new enterprise IT solution that is forthcoming. He developed and managed multiple customized communication action plans, wrote newsletters and journal articles, created the content for our website, created the PMO organization and governance structure, implemented a risk management and issues resolution process, provided facilitation support, developed change management recommendations, and attributed to our increased team performance by developing team building events and designing and administering a 360 degree employee feedback assessment. The 360 degree employee assessment allowed our employees to voice their opinions towards our leadership and strategy for moving the program forward. The feedback attributed to improved inter-office relationships and increased our support of the strategy for moving forward. Mr. Span and Tolero Solutions were open to learning our business and always took the time to transfer knowledge, teaching other’s skills. Mr. Span’s expertise combined with his sense of humor and proactive, straightforward, and honest approach makes him one of the best consultants I’ve ever worked with. Should the opportunity arise, I would look forward to working with him again in the future. I would also strongly recommend him to other programs in need of someone with his level of expertise.”dod-logo


“Tolero Solutions was hired by NJVC to assist in the strategic communications and business transformation efforts for our Oracle ERP implementation. As part of the change management framework and methodology, to which Tolero Solutions developed for us, a formal change network was established, to which I participated in as a business transition liaison. I found Tolero Solutions knowledge of change management and organizational culture to be extremely helpful in preparing our organization and our people for the changes required by our ERP implementation. Tolero Solutions excelled at clearly defining the need for change and explaining new concepts in easily understandable language. It was a pleasure working with Tolero Solutions. Tolero Solutions frequent and honest communication at all levels; collaborative style, broad organizational development skill set, and strong attention to detail were definitely an asset to our organization.” 



“Scott was available and approachable and took time to help other team members. He was open to feedback to build understanding and adapt process and deliverables to meet client demands. Tolero Solutions brought in depth knowledge and understanding and a strategic, collaborative approach to communications. Client-focused, persistent, collaborative.”imgres

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