Why You Should Adopt an Agile Project Management Methodology

The word ‘agile’ has been a buzz word for some time now. Agile – by definition – is the ability to move quickly and easily. Agile from a project management perspective is typically used within technology projects; however, other types of projects are beginning to adopt the agile project management methodology to improve the successful […]

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The P in Project Management is as much about…

Cornelius Fichtner once said: “The P in ‘PM’ is as much about people management than it is project management.”

70% of IT projects fail. Why? Failure to implement clear and efficient processes for execution and failure for planning for and managing change. Both of these things require people management skills.

In order to ensure your project or program […]

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60% of People Find Process Problems Biggest Issue Impacting Performance

Poor processes equals pissed off employees! Pissed off employees equals pissed off customers.

We all have things that annoy us about our job. When you spend nearly 40% of your day (or more) in the office, you’re likely to find a few things frustrating.
An overwhelming 60 % of people said poor processes were the biggest frustration […]

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How Poor Processes Equal Poor Customer Service

You’ve likely had a few bad customer service experiences.  Irritating is sometimes the only way to describe them.
But what you may not have considered is what lead to that  bad customer service experience.
I just had a real life bad customer service experience that reminded me why my business delivers one of our offerings to […]

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How and Why to Integrate People and Technology

Information Technology Isn’t a Miracle Solution! We’re in a rapidly advancing technological age…I mean this article is being posted online and probably read on mobile devices and shared via social media. With every passing year (sometimes it feels like every week), it seems like there’s some new information technology (IT) platform to learn and integrate […]

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How Can You Build a Successful & Sustainable Business in 2013?

The People Side of Change in Technology Implementations

The Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) market is now worth upwards of $21 billion. Going into 2008, Cambridge, Mass.-based market researcher Forrester predicted a compound annual growth rate of 4.2 percent for ERP solution packages, and that number has continued to climb. The use of technology in the workplace is expanding at an astounding rate. While […]

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