Employee Recognition & “The Jelly of The Month Club”

Every year around the holidays I watch this movie – and every year the same lesson learned holds true.

Achieving success through people means recognizing and thanking them for a job well done!

How do thank your employees?

Tis the season – one reminder of the holiday season is the comedy Christmas Vacation. The 80’s classic is full […]

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#BusinessTips: The most overlooked part of project management

When it comes to project management — managing schedules, people, and processes is the name of the game.  But do you know what the most overlooked part of project management is?

It’s the post project perspective – what happens after the project ends – the system goes live or the non-technology changes are implemented.

Execution and delivery shouldn’t […]

The P in Project Management is as much about…

Cornelius Fichtner once said: “The P in ‘PM’ is as much about people management than it is project management.”

70% of IT projects fail. Why? Failure to implement clear and efficient processes for execution and failure for planning for and managing change. Both of these things require people management skills.

In order to ensure your project or program […]

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The 5 most annoying co-workers (told in MEMEs)

Every office has them.  Those annoying co-workers that do things that drive you insane.  These behaviors are productivity drains – meaning…they waste time throughout the day you could be working because you need to pause and likely complain to your friends and co-workers about said behaviors.

These annoying co-workers do these annoying things for different reasons […]

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#TuesdayTip – Recognize, recognize, recognize…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – recognize, recognize, recognize! People have a fundamental human need to feel valued, heard and appreciated – particularly when they feel they’ve done a great job. If you’re not sure how to recognize for a job well done – ask your people. Give those who deserve […]

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Dear Cleveland @Browns owner, Jimmy Haslam – how will the #Browns make the Superbowl?

Dear Jimmy Haslam:

First – I am not a disgruntled fan from Cleveland. I’m a Philly sports fan.  Which, by default, makes me disgruntled – period –  by some standards.  

Yes, I’m a sports fan. I’m also a change agent.  I help organizations with change management  and strategy for a living.  So I know a thing or two […]

#workwoes 9-9-15: which presidential candidate is best leader, Q4 is approaching, & how can a team bounce back after failure

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Do you hate your job?

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How to Achieve #Success Through People

Your people are your biggest asset. People service your customers, solve problems, and help drive innovation.  Happy people → happy customers = increased growth. That’s achieving success through people!

So how do you achieve success through people?
Make sure leaders lead: 

Leaders who are most successful don’t make it about them – they make it about their people. Good […]

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3 Ways to Prevent Poor Customer Service

What’s the true cost of poor customer service? If you’re looking for some equation to help determine how much you’re losing by poor customer service – good luck.  In fact – if anyone spouts out a magic equation that gives you the answer to how much you’re losing via negative impacts of poor customer – I […]

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