3 Ways to Prevent Poor Customer Service

What’s the true cost of poor customer service? If you’re looking for some equation to help determine how much you’re losing by poor customer service – good luck.  In fact – if anyone spouts out a magic equation that gives you the answer to how much you’re losing via negative impacts of poor customer – I […]

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5 Ways #Agile and #Scrum can Help with Change Management

I was recently asked by a client, who I’ve been providing agile project management work for, if I could expand support by providing additional change management expertise. I got to thinking, really, I already am!

Although the request was more focused around managing change for the impacted stakeholder groups – we’re currently using #agile and #scrum […]

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3 Reasons Why Businesses #Fail – See #TargetCanada

In case you didn’t hear – Target recently announced they’ll be ceasing operations in Canada.  What looked good on paper turned into a multi-year, multi-billion dollar loss.  This begs the question – why did Target Canada  #fail?

Look no further than the feedback from #TargetCanada employees (and customers).  Employees make or break the customer experience. Unhappy […]

How do You Set Goals for Success in 2015?

2015 is officially underway! What’s your path to success in the New Year? Do you know how to set goals for success? The topic of goals and objectives arises frequently this time of year. Many organizations (and individuals) are updating their strategies and creating new goals for the New Year, are you? Hopefully you are, and if […]

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Setting the Stage for Success – How Responsive is Your Organization? 

What Darwin said about species – also applies to business. In today’s overly competitive and ever-changing business environment – only the strong survive.  It’s true.  Anyone and everyone is online selling stuff – to be successful, you’ve got to be innovative, adaptable, and responsive.

So what happens when things don’t go as planned?  (Because they always […]

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Strategy vs. Culture – Can We Call A Truce?

Much discussion has transpired lately regarding strategy and culture – though, more so the battle between which is more important and why. Although I find the various points of view to both be of value and interest, I find the entire discussion to be quite absurd. Can we call a truce?

I imagine that if “Sally […]

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What is Change Management & What is OD?

As a Change Management and Organizational Development (OD) practitioner I often get asked by leaders – so what does that mean? Why are these things important to my business? How are the alike and how are they different? And how can they help me create a high performance organization?

Well…let me explain the executive summary (OK […]

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Innovation: 3 Tips to Help Your Business Become the Next Big Thing

Innovation – finding a better way of doing something, creating something new – that’s how Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and countless others became such well-known brands.  Rather than just “do what the Roman’s did” – they created something that no one else had – or at least delivered products and services in a way that their […]

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60% of People Find Process Problems Biggest Issue Impacting Performance

Poor processes equals pissed off employees! Pissed off employees equals pissed off customers.

We all have things that annoy us about our job. When you spend nearly 40% of your day (or more) in the office, you’re likely to find a few things frustrating.
An overwhelming 60 % of people said poor processes were the biggest frustration […]

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Customer Service #FAIL – 53% of People Say Unclear Communication Biggest Issue

Bad customer service experiences are nothing new – as annoying as they may be to live through. In fact, they’re well documented now via social media – the biggest real-time driver for communicating with customers.
53% of people said unclear communication was the biggest issue preventing them from having a good customer service experience!
The reason for […]

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