Global financial and banking firm increases efficiency of financial modeling and forecasting via technology implementation.

What was the challenge the organization was facing?

The client recognized the need to build and deploy a new technology system, in order to increase the ability of global finance and balance sheet management to more efficiently and accurately conduct financial modeling and forecasting, across all lines of business.

What was the solution?

  • Created the governance structure for prompt decision making and successful engagement with over a dozen LOBs and stakeholders.
  • Established a customized agile project management framework for the core team to manage tasks and deliverables and provided scrum master support.
  • Developed a program communications and change management strategy.
  • Facilitated working groups sessions and executive steering committee meetings.
  • Created prioritization and change control process.
  • Built and oversaw PMO risk management and issues resolution process.
  • Conducted detailed process documentation

What were the end results + and how did they achieve success?

  • Increased buy-in and commitment from stakeholders for proposed technology enhancements and process changes
  • Reduced time for risk mitigation and issues resolution allowing program to continue on schedule
  • Enabled the client to reduce overall development time to production increasing expediting operational efficiencies
  • Provided detailed process documentation and desktop procedures for future training
  • Decreased backlog for stakeholders via expedited change control process improving time to complete enhancements
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