Newly formed office of a civilian government agency needed to market and advertise their services to internal and external stakeholders.

What was the challenge the organization was facing?

As a newly established office responsible for functions which had never existed within the agency before, the client needed to establish and communicate their mission and services offerings, as well as advertise accomplishments.

What was the solution?

  • Provided tactical and strategic communications support
  • Created communications strategy for targeted messaging
  • Drafted and delivered communications on behalf of internal customers
  • Designed a marketing and advertising campaign to market services to customers
  • Implemented a communications audit and analyzed results to enhance the office’s ability to deliver on customer demands

What were the end results + and how did they achieve success?

  • Developed organization core values and aligned staff to the new shared vision
  • Enabled increased customer satisfaction via targeted communications and delivery
  • Increased stakeholder awareness resulting in increased number of internal customers requesting support services
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