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Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s Apology Means Nothing Without Action

Uber’s CEO – Travis Kalanick – apologized via the company’s blog for his conduct while arguing with an Uber driver last February. The encounter captured by dashcam shows the CEO in a heated debate with Uber driver Fawzi Kamel over the price of fares and how that is impacting his income.  Kalanick ultimately says: “Some people don’t like […]

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Why Democrats Can’t Win Elections

In 2016 we saw the most experienced candidate to run for President in recent history lose to the person with the least amount of experience.  After losing the White House, Congress, and the Senate – not to mention 2/3rds of Governorships – it’s time for the DNC to look in the mirror and ask why […]

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Employee Recognition & “The Jelly of The Month Club”

Every year around the holidays I watch this movie – and every year the same lesson learned holds true.

Achieving success through people means recognizing and thanking them for a job well done!

How do thank your employees?

Tis the season – one reminder of the holiday season is the comedy Christmas Vacation. The 80’s classic is full […]

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CEO to Commander in Chief: Do The Same Skills Apply?

Achieving the leadership status and title of the Commander in Chief – President of the United States of America – is the highest appointed leadership position one could achieve.  Sure – being a CEO is also a great achievement and the role is also intricate and complex. But leading a group of employees is much […]

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Flash survey: Would you pay more to get great customer experience?

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Do You Spend More Time in Meetings Rather Than Getting Work Done?

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Tolero Feel Good Friday Quote: 4-15-16

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Tolero Feel Good Friday Quote: 1-22-16

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Tolero Feel Good Friday Quote: 1-15-16

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Tolero Feel Good Friday Quote: 1-8-16

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