We achieve success through people

Tolero Solutions helps leaders achieve success through people creating organizations where people enjoy working and customers enjoy doing business. We find and fix organizational and operational problems – overcoming challenges that impact success.  

On average 70% of employees are unhappy. Every unhappy employee costs ~1.5 their annual salary to replace. Do the math. The biggest asset an organization has is their people. When the people are happy and giving 100%, the customers are happy, and the organization succeeds.

We strive to make organizations better places to work.  We increase your human capital’s speed and ability to improve innovation and deliver excellent customer service.  Driving the ability to rapidly offer new products and services and increase customer service excellence – increases profits and growth.

Tolero Solutions  helps you engage and retain your biggest asset – your human capital (your people).  People service your customers, solve problems, and help drive innovation. Happy people -> happy customers = increased growth.

How we operate:

We help organizations achieve success through people to overcome challenges that impact productivity and profit. We help your organization become a place where people enjoy working and customers enjoy doing business.
Happy people → happy customers = increased growth. People service your customers, solve problems, and help drive innovation. Our philosophy takes a holistic and systemic view to help you engage your biggest asset – your human capital (your people).
Our promise is to do everything we can to help make your organization a place where your people want to give 100%. Because when the people are happy, the customers are happy, and the organization succeeds.

Meet Scott Span, MSOD

Scott 'Success Implementer' Span, MSOD
Scott 'Success Implementer' Span, MSODCEO & Lead Consultant
Wine lover, Caribbean junkie, GenY, artist, quote addict – and implementer of organizational improvements.

Areas of expertise

  • Employee Engagement
  • Generational Differences
  • Leadership Development & Coaching
  • Talent Management
  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Training & Facilitation
  • Strategic Communications

Scott’s experience

Scott is an accomplished Leadership Effectiveness & Change Management specialist with an ongoing record of success guiding leaders in managing successful change. He has  over 15 years of experience helping organizations in achieving success through people, creating organizations where people enjoy working and customers enjoy doing business.  Scott excels in driving programs to success, leading change initiatives and performing strategic planning, communications, facilitation and training. Through his work he helps client’s increase engagement and create high performance organizations – organizations that are more responsive, productive and effective – where engaged employees enjoy working and customers enjoy doing business. He is an author on various topics of  leadership, organization development and generational differences and the creator of the Recruitment and Retention Lifecycle ™.

Scott  holds a Masters in Organization Development (MSOD) from American University and the NTL Institute and is also certified in the FIRO-B  and has  Process Mapping and Balanced Scorecard certifications and a government security clearance.

Meet the team

Meet Saran Baker, MSOD

Saran ‘Miss Make it Happen’ Baker, MSOD
Saran ‘Miss Make it Happen’ Baker, MSODAssociate
Saran has over 15 years experience and a valuable blend of expertise in both corporate and nonprofit environments. Her broad diverse skill set includes organization development, facilitation, diversity and business development. Experience in sales, fundraising, program development, project management, and relationship building. Saran also maintains extensive IT and telecom experience.

Meet Jim Leming, MSOD

Jim ‘Say What is So’ Leming, MSOD
Jim ‘Say What is So’ Leming, MSODAssociate
Jim is a seasoned organization development professional with over 25 years experience in both non-profit and Fortune 500 including extensive expertise in the pharmaceutical industry. Jim’s focus is on helping leaders and teams achieve their business goals by attending to “how” work gets done. He has worked across organizations with leaders and teams in sales, supply chain, and research and development. He has extensive expertise in leadership development, team effectiveness, coaching (leaders & teams), change management, and strategic planning.

Meet Lisa Gardner, SPHR

Lisa ‘Common Ground’ Gardner, SPHR, MSOD
Lisa ‘Common Ground’ Gardner, SPHR, MSODAssociate
Lisa is an organization effectiveness consultant, speaker and trainer who specializes in launching and revitalizing diversity and employee engagement initiatives. She has over 25 years of multi-industry expertise in diversity and inclusion, strategic planning, team facilitation and leadership development. Lisa draws on her organization development and human resources experience to find common ground among and across workgroups, and quickly gains the support of employees and leaders at all organizational levels.

Meet Dale Archer, MSOD

Dale ‘Data Hound’ Archer, MSOD
Dale ‘Data Hound’ Archer, MSODAssociate
Dale Archer is a change management expert and organization development practitioner with 20 years of experience. He has extensive international experience working with state and national governments in Africa and Europe. He has also consulted with startups, businesses and non-profits. Dale specializes in innovation through emotional intelligence; enterprise and system change; organizational learning; knowledge management; organizational assessments and realignment; strategic communication; and stakeholder engagement.

Rave Reviews

Capital One
Capital One
Tolero Solutions provided program and project management support for an IT initiative impacting lines of business (LOBs) across the organization. Great ROI. They added additional value by building a new governance structure and change management, change control processes and risk management framework. Work needed to be performed in a tight time frame. They hit the ground running, communicating with executive leadership, and performing research and data gathering for buy-in before executing on approach.
Department of Defense (DoD)
Department of Defense (DoD)
One of the best consultants I’ve ever worked with. Should the opportunity arise, I would look forward to working with them again in the future. An instrumental part in communicating and preparing our organization for change. Attributed to improved inter-office relationships and increased our support of the strategy for moving forward.
Excelled at turning vague new concepts into a clearly defined reality… work led to significant improvements to our eventual work processes and services. Saved time and resources for our entire team…was a value add and definitely an asset to our project. Great results, good value, high integrity!

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